Ambiosonic festival is Ambient music's synergy with all art forms : exhibitions, decorations, exaltations of body and soul, and activities stimulating all our five senses. Spiritually guided by ecological practices and in full respect of the environment it is a unique event for both man and nature's well being.

   On the musical side, the worldly diversity of all ambiant types of music (music without an emphasized beat) enables a rich fusion of sounds and rythms, synthetic as well as ethnic; an invitation to a universe full of journeys. Hemispheric octophonic sound diffusion (spatial sound technic) will reinforce this spellbounding atmosphere.
   The stage appearances are limited to small bands playing on stage as well as in the public, interpratations and performances in a surprizing and original evolution.
   Illustrated by varied visual projections, artistic exhibitions, multiple decorative landscapes and craft stalls transporting us way out of the daily world.
   Bodily care and spriritual awakening initiation workshops and demonstrations, diffused evolutive aromatic fragrances throughout the location site contributing to the emotional exaltation of our five senses.
   Ecological associated principle : practical demonstrations of alternative solutions, biodiversity and local implementation, reduced impact environmental activities, biological culture food and drinks unite to create a most unique harmony.